Freetrain VR Vest

Bringing practicality and safety together. The VR is the counterpart to the V1, made from ultra-reflective material that lights up the dark. Created with you in mind, the VR is the product you don’t know you need, until you have it. read more

With over 100,000 satisfied runners & trainers, the VR has finally given you the most streamlined & balanced way to take your small essentials with you whilst you train. In the age of the smartphone, people now like to track their workouts, listen to music, or even keep in touch with the rest of the world whilst they exercise. Carrying your phone, keys & energy boosters can be distracting when you have something bouncing around on your arm or pocket or even riding up your back. Now you have the solution.

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Key features

This is the product you don’t realise you need, until you have it. Once you have it, we’d be surprised if you ever turn back!

The centrally located phone pouch is designed to give you seamless access to change song, check maps or even answer calls & eliminate bouncing or uneven weight distribution Did you know running with an armband/pocket or phone in your hand can cause injuries?

The two extra pockets are located on either side so that you can comfortably store your keys & other smaller items such as energy gels or an inhaler. We also have a secret pocket inside the phone pouch which can take cash & cards.

Our durable & lightweight materials are extremely water resistant, standing up to extreme conditions whilst providing a snug & comfortable fit complimented with an adjustable waistband in order for you to adjust to your choice.

The all reflective print and material adds the element of safety so that you may be seen in the dark.

The unique & patented design has been created as a unisex product that covers as many bases that you need to train freely.

Cell phones and sizing

We can confidently say that the pouch will fit 99% of modern cell phones, the product comes with a cell phone adapter case to make sure your device has a snug fit preventing phone movement whist on the move. If you think you may have an obscure model, please don't hesitate to contact

We have designed a product that fits the majority between 28" - 48" chest. It's smart materials allow the Freetrain VR Vest to expand generously and mould to the individuals body shape whilst giving a comfortable & supported fit. The materials may feel tight to start with but will loosen slightly after 2-3 training sessions.


We always endeavour to deliver within our promised times. However, due to the current lockdown situation we may experience slight delays in delivery times.

Between 2-4 business days (tracked).

All orders sent from Canada.



Did you know that running with uneven weight distribution leads to injuries? With the VR, there is now the opportunity to evenly distribute the things you need across your torso to allow for optimum balance that will not hinder progress or alter your technique.



With performance being of high priority, we only use intelligent, lightweight materials to create a product that comfortably moulds to the torso that will not hold you back. Our key focus is to minimise any interference to any functional movement yet giving you practical & almost seamless access to the things you need, when you need them.



Complimented with an adjustable waistband for you to choose your perfect fit, highly reflective material for you to be seen perfectly during night runs & your mobile device located in a central & natural position, you can now use the snap release & hinge to access your device on the move: to change song, check progress or even answer a call whilst training.


Details matter

The VR is also equipped with a clever little divider inside the phone pouch where you can store cards & cash. As well as a velcro pocket on the right hand side for keys & a larger zip pocket on the left for things like energy gels, bars or even an inhaler. The VR is also perforated with breathable holes to allow excess heat to escape to reduce the chances of overheating. The adjustable waistband gives you the option to adjust whenever you need to for maximum comfortability.

“Take it from us, your only gripe will be that your paths didn’t cross sooner.”

Voted the No.1 Running Accessory